U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Visits Bryn Mawr Online School

Bryn Mawr Online recently hosted United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as part of its regular speaker series to hear her insights on leadership, problem-solving, and the power of voting. Her candid and authentic demeanor created a friendly atmosphere, allowing her to engage with students on a personal level. Sen. Gillibrand emphasized the importance of voting […]

Avily E., a student at the online, private high school Bryn Mawr Online (BMOS) and a dancer from the renowned School of American Ballet and Kanyok Arts Initiative (KAI) in NYC, will showcase an improvised, free dance to Dismantle by Peter Sandberg with the Bryn Mawr Upper School Dance Company this weekend. Watch a clip of […]

Bryn Mawr Online, a virtual, diploma-awarding high school for girls, announces a new partnership with the Peggy Kirk Bell Girls Golf Tour, a leading golf tour for girls aged 9-19. This collaboration aims to promote leadership, empowerment, and excellence among young female athletes, both on and off the golf course. As part of the partnership, […]

Bryn Mawr received the College Board’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for the sixth consecutive year. The award was created to help close the gender gap in computer science. Bryn Mawr received the award for both AP Computer Science A and AP Computer Science Principles, making it one of only 68 schools worldwide and just […]

Bryn Mawr Alumna Judge Tameiki Lunn-Exinor ’95 visited BMOS students this month to share her experiences as an Associate Judge in the District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City.

Firaxis Senior Art Manager Caroline Guevara, along with Narrative Designer and Writer Emma Kidwell visited the BMOS community to share their stories from the front lines of the gaming industry. Firaxis is well known for Civilization, XCOM and its newest release Marvel Midnight Suns. BMOS students were curious about all aspects of the industry (yes, […]

With its challenging curriculum, engaged faculty, unmatched levels of student support, and innovative ways of building community, Bryn Mawr Online sets itself apart from other online schools. There’s another advantage as well, one that’s distinctly Bryn Mawr Online–we call it the all-girls advantage. As you consider an online high school, consider the benefits of an […]

Today’s live, virtual high school can take your preconceived notions about remote learning and flip them on their heads. As Bryn Mawr Online Director Justin Curtis says, “There’s a misconception the online class will be easier or not as rigorous, that students won’t have support and won’t interact with other people. But they are getting […]

As Bryn Mawr Online wraps up its inaugural 2022-23 school year, students reflect on their highlights and challenges.

Beyoncé, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lopez, and Priyanka Chopra are among the stars and celebrities that luxury fashion designer Sergio Hudson has styled. Last week, he Zoomed into a Bryn Mawr Online class to talk with students and faculty.

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Meet Mallory Pladus

English Teacher

Where do you live?
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

What do you like about teaching online?
I like the small school environment, the ambitious students BMOS attracts, and the flexibility learning and teaching online affords students and faculty.

What do you like to do when you’re NOT in school?
Hike, travel, play frisbee, and spend time on the Jersey Shore.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Japan. My dad is half Japanese, and there is a rumor in our family that he and my aunt relinquished property rights to a small portion of a mountain in Japan. I’d like to go see that mountain.

Best way to spend a Saturday?
Reading outside.

What do you want students to remember about you?
I want them to remember that I did my best to make literature open up for them in surprising, intriguing ways and that I cared about their ideas.

Personal catchphrase?
“Let’s reflect on this.”

Who inspires you?
Writers I love: James Baldwin, Marilynne Robinson, Louise Erdrich, to name a few.

What activity/class have you enjoyed the most through BMOS (and why)?
The poet Sarah Ali visited our English 9 and 10 classes to discuss her poem about animal roadkill. The students asked great questions, and she gave thoughtful answers. We broached a topic that often feels too intractable to talk about.